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Monday, September 26, 2005

safetyfork's custom breakfast stack

The only basic thing in the stack attack is the fried potato "pancake" (for two) which is prepared by grating two to three potatoes (I prefer red, but it can be others) and grating a sufficient amount of cheese (I prefer Jack, but it can be custom and should be if you are utilizing mozzarella later -- see below). Not too much cheese, though because you'll have the opportunity to add more with other components. Heat up a cast iron (or otherwise oven proof) skillet on the stove with some olive oil, black pepper, and a few red pepper flakes (optional) in there. Pre-heat the oven (425/450 degree F) now too. When the oil and skillet is sufficiently hot to accept a layer of potato, do just that. Spread about half of your potato gratings on the skillet. Quickly spread the cheese layer on as well, and rapidly top that off with the other half of the potato gratings. Shape and lightly flatten with a heat resistant spatula. Cover that up and let it cook for a bit.

Now you should be prepping other TBD components of the dish.

Once that potato-cake has firmed up you gotta flip it! That's right. You can do this like you flip eggs if it is firm enough but only if you have the kitchen skillz. If you don't have that kind of kitchen kung fu, then cut it in half and flip each part with the spatula (the downside of this approach is the oozing cheese). After it's been flipped cover it again and go back to the other prep work. After a few minutes of browning that side of the potato pancake, you put it in the oven to really crisp it up. (Leave in the oven for a few minutes, check for good browning tone and remove when appropriate). Each person gets a half of the cake. I recommend quartering it up so each person gets two quarters.

OK, so that's the core ingredient. Here's what I've stacked it with in the past. Most all stack items are optional, really. Hence, all that custom talk earlier.

In a bowl:
A) Grits (w/extra cheese, salt, pepper), fried eggs (2), fake sausage, and salsa.
B) salad of lettuce and cut tomato chunks w/some lime, and fried eggs (2) and salsa.

On a plate:
A bed of fake sausage links, tomato slices, mozzarella slices, fried eggs (2), salsa.

Interleave, alternate, or intersperse the other ingredients in the stack with a quarter of the potatocake to make an artful stack of breakfast goodness. Like all good software cook books, the information provided in this recipe is presented on an "as is" basis...has been known to produce food coma. Enjoy!


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