Cooking With Metachat!

Monday, September 26, 2005

mygothlaundry's hangover breakfast

Go to supermarket while still drunk or early in the morning, before you know you're hungover. Buy the following:
one of those bags of grated potatos from the dairy aisle
a vidalia onion
cheddar cheese
feta cheese
and coca cola - you'll need that for the hangover too.
Heat some oil in a cast iron skillet, toss in the potatos and half a grated vidalia. After about 7 minutes, stir/flip them and add the chorizo in chunks.
Fry for a while - about another 7 minutes.
When it starts to look done, push it all to one side and put on some eggs - leave them to fry or scramble, your choice.
Add grated cheddar & crumbled feta & salsa to the potato/chorizo mixture, stir.
Serve on a warmed tortilla with the eggs on top.
Yes, it's extremely greasy. Drink the coke and go back to bed.


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