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Monday, September 26, 2005

kellydamnit's spaghetti sauce

This is my family's sauce, everyone modifies it a bit for their own needs, my version is a bit spicier than my mom and grandmother's. Like all Italians, I am unfamiliar with measuring cups. This is so insanely easy, and no one ever believes me. Once you get it all together it's just stirring occasionally while you do something else for several hours.

In the biggest pan you can find:

Dump in some olive oil, enough to coat the bottom.
toss in a couple pork neck bones (yes, really) and brown.
When they're browned add some garlic (threeish cloves) and about half an onion, both in teeny tiny pieces, sautee.

Once those are done dump in about six of the big cans of tomato puree. NOT SAUCE, puree. If you're psycho like me you can also use home canned tomatoes and just put them through the blender or food processor first, and strain out the seeds and skins.

Now the spices. Leave them out, you may want to adjust as you cook. I use dried.

A couple bay leaves
A healthy amount of oregano (couple tablespoons at least)
basil (tablespoon? half tablespoon? up to you!)
parsley (very little... a couple shakes)
crushed red pepper (holy god don't be stingy... I go for two, three tablespoons to start, and add more later)
chili powder (maybe a tablespoon)
(the last two were my addition)

I also tend to add garlic powder as it cooks, depending on how strong the garlic I started out with was.

Simmer it for a loooong time. Two, three hours. Stir frequently. Keep it covered with the lid at an angle for steam to escape. Keep the heat super low so it doesn't burn.
Adjust seasonings as you go. I always end up dumping in more oregano and pepper.

After that point you can add your (cooked!) meats... sausage, meatballs, whatever.

Simmer another hour or so over the lowest heat you can manage without turning the stove off completely.

Serve over your favorite pasta with cheese. I like ziti, but that's just me. Watch out for the bay leaves and pork bones!


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