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Monday, September 26, 2005

DeepFriedTwinkies's Red Eye Gravy

Red eye gravy: Take all the drippings from your skillet (drippings are the little bits of whatever mammal you were cooking for breakfast) and heat it up till it's too hot for words, then add about 1/3 or so cup of coffee. If it's from yesterday, so much the better. Stir it all together till you make gravy. Add a flour/coffee paste if you overdid it on the coffee and it's runny. Serve over fried biscuits.

Fried biscuits: Heat up oil (about 3 cups) in a heavy, deep pan. Take a can of biscuits, the kind that come in the cardboard tubes, and fry them until brown. Usually 3-4 minutes to a side. Drain.

You may also serve Lipitor as an accompaniment.

My Okie grandma used to make this when I'd go down to the farm. Bliss.


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